Concept Development

Every hotel tells a different interior design story. Each hotel has and should have a unique style, a significant concept or a story to tell, a colour scheme, consistency in material use, a symbolic object, etc… First the hotel’s story is envisioned, then a project is developed in line with this story and finally the hotel is furbished with the project implementation.

The process of deciding on the business model begins following the concept development and the determination of the hotel segment based on the feasibility studies (marketability and market analysis). With its qualitative perspective, Procon gives direction to setting the main idea for the project in order to functionally differentiate the project and be competitive.

Services provided by Procon:

To comply with brand standards in guestrooms and public areas’ designs.

Selection of interior materials

Determination of concept & vision based on the best and most correct use

Identifying the target group for hotels and other different functions

Product diversification

Fire, safety and contingency plans

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