Project Planning and Developing

Procon Consultancy offers the right use of land and property proposal by examining all the angles such as the status of the hotel’s land of investment, zoning status, physical conditions, accessibility, visibility, financial profitability, time, quality, risks and etc.

Services provided by Procon:

Valuation reports

Master plan studies

Facility and functional programming

Project monitoring and reporting

The best and most accurate usage analysis

The hotel brand & operator selection and contract negotiations

Market and feasibility studies

Concept development

Effective marketing, sales and revenue management strategies

Credit funding solutions and financial restructuring

Land and project evaluation

Project and risk management

Procon provides consulting services in architectural and technical consultants selection, contract negotiations and coordination process.

Architecture (Building design / exterior architecture and interior design)



Interior design



Determining the specifications of fixtures, furniture and equipment (FF&E) and providing technical support in material selection.

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