Feasibility Studies

The first stage of an investment is conceptualization, then it takes the shape of feasibility studies and project evaluation. Once the project is considered “feasible”, meaning “profitable or good to go” at the end of the project evaluation, it is time to move to the phase of developing the final project.

Market research studies include target achievability, market entry strategy, supply and demand balance, brand saturation and competition analysis

Legal due diligence evaluates the potential effects that the laws, regulations and rules that must be complied with from the preparation phase of the investment project to the selection of the location, realization of the investment and until commencement of business operations would have on the investment and what opportunities these would bring.

With our know ledge and experience in the market,we ensure that the best hotel concept and functions that bring long term competitive advantages, increase the value of the real estate and generate maximum cash flow are conceived.

Investors, financiers, operators have the greatest confidence in the reports we prepare.

Services provided by Procon:

Economic indicators

Market analysis

Investment cost and cost – benefit analysis

Long and short term income and expenditure analysis and fund status

Project’s cost-benefit analysis

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