Corporate Profile

Our experts with extensive industry experience provide high quality, fast and on demand consultancy services to our clients in every area of city and resort hotels investments and operations.

Procon Consultancy’s team of experts contribute to the successful collaboration of its clients with the world’s most recognized hotel brands in favourable economic conditions. In the meantime, we develop and implement strategies to evaluate opportunities, control costs, increase efficiency and increase revenues from purchases in order to improve the operational and financial performance of your hotels.

The thirty years of experience that we combine with our industry knowledge gives us the ability to be the solution partner to our clients on taking the best business decisions.

To be a model and a global scale consulting company with the projects that has been generated as well as its way of doing business, corporate structure, values and the management philosophy; to increase client portfolio on a yearly basis and sustain growth.

Services provided by Procon:

Feasibility Studies

Project Planing, Developing And Coordination

Concept Development

Hotel Brand And Operator Selection and Contract Negotiations

Pre-Opening Hotel Services

Investor Representation Services

Improving Hotel Performance

Gastronomy Consulting

Auditing Services

Information Technologies

Purchase and Sale Management

Loan Services

Legal Support