Investor Representation Services

Our experts in Procon contribute in maximising your net operating profit and minimising your risks by analysing operational and financial results in detail at every stage of investment and operation process.

Procon helps to ensure the best conditions on fast return on investment by good revenue management, “price – occupancy – profitability” and demand, pricing and by uncovering the potential. It also develops and implements strategies for making use of opportunities and increasing income from purchases.

Procon’s team of experts provide support for hotels that do not perform well in the restructuring of the organisation and the repositioning in the market in terms of supply and demand.

Services provided by Procon:

Operational and financial efficiency analysis

Cost optimisation (analysis of costs and comparison thereof with industry standards)

Supply chain management

Capex, capital investment spending

Developing strategies to increase income

Effective marketing strategies

Effective sales strategies

New market research

Effective customer services

Effective customer experience strategy

Annual marketing plan, budget and fund negotiations

Strategic FF&E planning (Furniture, upholstery, fixture and equipment)

Negotiating contracts on behalf of the investor

Compatibility with management / franchise contract

Operator selection and contract negotiations

Decoration and renovation services

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