Hotel Brand and Operator Selection

The franchise and hotel management selection for city and resort hotel investments is pivotal in achieving the project’s profitability and maximum real estate value.

We provide high-quality services with our industry-oriented approach for determining the hotel segment, choosing the right brand, and signing the contract with the best possible economic conditions by reducing risks.

Our aim is to increase your hotel’s profitability and the value of your property. We can only reach this aim by finding the best world-known brand, reducing the contractual risks and establishing a good investor – management relationship.

Services provided by Procon:

To establish relationships with local or international chains that offer management or franchise licenses and to prepare sample contracts

To obtain offers for franchise and management agreements in accordance with international norms and precedents; and the execution of a letter of intent

Execution of the final contract with the hotel group following discussions and negotiations over the form contracts selected by the investor

Coordinating and directing the legal transactions and arrangements by which the contract with be realized through the customer’s legal firm

The presentation file for the preliminary project of our offer will be prepared at the beginning. Subsequently a final contract will be signed in line with the approval of the hotel group we suggest and the approval of the Investor

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